Firstly, a note about ‘senior sex’. Sex does not stop when you become a senior citizen – but it is more enjoyable. All the years of experience, with no worries of pregnancy. All persons involved are aged in their late 60’s – and loving it – the sex, that is!


I moved in with a couple who put me into a ‘poppy-pad’ (a granny flat for males). The three of us got on quite well. We soon discovered that we were all nudists, at heart. This included the 70 year old man of the house going stark naked throughout the house each day and night. After all, it is his place; he can do what he likes. His wife, however, was a little reluctant to do so.


My ‘poppy-pad’ caught the early morning sun and so lead to us having nude breakfasts together on many occasions. On this particular morning, the man left the room to go up to the kitchen. I had a strong erection and stood beside the seated woman, with my cock touching her arm.


“I am not touching your cock”, she laughed.


“Why, what have I done?” I joked back.

She playfully replied, “It is not what you have done, but what you will do, if I touch your cock. Maybe later.”

The following morning I was walking up the hallway (naked), and I saw the wife was in their bathroom, leaning over the basin, brushing her teeth. She was wearing her dressing gown. I had a cock full of cum. I went in, and lifted her dressing gown up over her waist. She did not resist me as I slid my hard cock into her moist, soft pussy, doggy style. I held her hips as I thrusted in and out, both of us enjoying each other. As I exploded my load inside her, I thought “I wonder where her husband is?”

Since then, she loves my cock in her pussy and loves sucking me. Since her husband found out we now enjoy threesomes every now and then. Usually, her husband ‘snuggling ‘ into her pussy while she sucks me off. He likes me to watch him while he fucks his wife and also likes to watch me eat her pussy and tongue her clitoris to orgasm. Ahh, the wonderful joys of Senior Sex!