Emma sat in her chair dreaming of the day she would soon kiss his lips again. The mere thoughts of their last encounter sent quivers down her spine. She longed for the way his mouth caressed hers so gently. She wanted to once again feel the warmth of his hands on her aching breasts. She loved the way his hard cock felt sliding inside her moist and inviting pussy. He completed such an animalistic part of her, a part of her that had lain dormant for most of her 27 years. He was something special to her and it was so much more than just the sexual aspect.

Nelson was the same age as Emma, but he was much wiser than his years. He was an expert on the arts of the female orgasm. Or at least Emma believed him to be. He touched her and sent shivers through every nerve ending in her body. He was a true lover, the kind a woman would only read about in a dime store romance novel. One who would ravage you, leave you breathless and turn even the most timid woman into a wanton lover.

He was going to be at her house in less than 3 hours. Her heart began to race, her pulse was soaring with thoughts of him. His touch, the feel of his tongue licking her clit, it was all too much. She tried in vain to clear her mind. Nothing worked. He had left this image with her, branded her with his own secret, sexual mark. No man would ever satisfy her the way he could. She would never want another man to try.

Finally there was a knock at her door. Her heart skipped a beat. She could hardly believe it was really him. Months of being separated from the heat that he provided her would finally be over. She would finally be able to breathe and feel like she could live again.

She slowly opened the door, anticipating the smile on his sexy face and she was not disappointed. He grabbed the sides of her face with both hands as gently as a person would pick a delicate flower. He slowly lowered his mouth to hers. Their lips met and provided the life source each other had been missing for months. Their tongues met in a welcoming dance, delighting in each other. She melted with his touch. She longed for Nelson to ravish her, tear off all her clothes and make her his once again.

Neslon was going to make this a night Emma would never forget. He had wanted so much to be around her all the time so tonight he was going to make the time they did have last forever. He wanted to make sure when Emma lay all alone at night it was thoughts of his throbbing cock that fueled her sexual thoughts when she rubbed her clit in ecstasy. He knew he already was and something about that made his penis swell. Just thoughts of her made him swell. Who was he kidding; her touch had poisoned him as much as he did to her. They were forever connected.

Nelson took Emma by the hand and led her up the stairs to the bedroom. He slowly shut the door behind them locking out the rest of the world. Nothing mattered except they were together. He turned off all of the lights and maneuvered about the room lighting the perfect amount of candles. This was all just an attempt to make it more special.

Emma stood there not knowing if her knees could support herself much longer. Finally he came to her. He planted the most sexual kiss on her supple lips, taking in every bit of strength she had left in her body, enveloping her with him. He slowly pushed Emma on her back, half lying on the bed. He then reached for the waistline of her pants, slowly unbuttoning them with his mouth. He then slid up her body with his hands to her firm, large breasts. Cupping them ever so lightly, Nelson began to torture her nipples, making them ache and stand erect. Then he started unbuttoning her blouse. He wanted so badly to rip all of her clothes off and take her sweet nipples in his mouth but he used restraint. He knew in time he would taste their juiciness and smell the scent of the woman that owned his soul.

Emma slid her hands down the front of him. She knew he was hers. She worked her hands down to his waistline. She hurriedly unfastened his pants and felt them slide to the floor. She knew now there was no turning back. She was going to be ruined for all time. She would need his heat to make her thrive.

They lay side by side on the queen sized bed, half nude. Nelson reached for her breasts again. This time Emma didn’t hesitate, it was almost like she knew what he was thinking before he even knew himself. She arched her back laying her breasts right in his inviting, strong hands. She began to feel a tingle in her clit and warmth growing between her thighs.

Nelson sliding his mouth up to replace the hold his hands had on her breasts, hovered just above her skin, drinking in the way she smelled. He couldn’t wait to taste her, all of her. He slowly reached behind Emma’s back unleashing the hold her flimsy sheer bra had on her large mounds. He sighed to himself, and then lowered his mouth all the way.

“I feel like I am going to die if I don’t at least taste some of your candies, my love,” he whispered in a breathy tone. He began his descent down her body. He felt her quiver and squirm. They both knew what was coming and it was going to be heaven.

Nelson met the rim of her panties with a soft, teasing kiss. The kind that almost tickles but feels so good. He slid her legs apart slowly, feeling the fire that just a few simple touches and kisses had fueled. He was so pleased with himself that the reaction he was getting was almost physically too hard to contain. He felt the ache of his lonely cock in his boxers. He longed to slide it deep inside Emma’s hot pussy. He needed that. But it would have to wait.

Using only his mouth, Nelson rid Emma of her wet panties. He kissed all of her, trailing his tongue down the insides of her thighs. He needed to eat that peach that was waiting for him. He needed it like one needs air. His thoughts consumed him so much he just dove right in and devoured her. He spread the lips of her pussy apart and slid his tongue deep inside. He began licking all of the juices his kisses had created.

“My god, baby you taste so much better than I ever remember, I need to have all of you,” he told her as he began to lose the ability to speak or even concentrate on anything other than the two of them.

“Take me, Nelson,” she said gasping for air.” I want to feel your tongue sliding around on my clit. I want to feel you thrust your tongue inside me as you make me cum. I want you to lick me so long and suck me dry.”

He gladly went back to work. For him giving Emma pleasure was enough, almost more satisfying than his own volcanic orgasms she aided him with. He licked in small circles around her clit, dancing around it but never placing direct pressure on her growing mound. Then he slowly took it in his mouth, gently sucking on it. He knew he could only make her feel this way.

Emma lay on the bed moaning with pleasure. She gasped for air and tried hard not to lose control. The hold she had on the headboard of the bed was about to make her hands ache, but she didn’t care. She arched her pussy into him. She thrusted her hips with every flick of his hot tongue on her pussy. She was on the brink of erupting. Emma’s breaths became very heavy and quick. He smiled inside knowing she was about to quench his thirst for the taste of her cum.

Moving his tongue faster Nelson brought Emma over the edge of sanity and made her whole body shake. He knew in a few seconds she would break. Faster and faster his tongue swirled. He then swallowed her clit in his mouth. That was all it took.

“Yes,” she screamed out in relief. “I am going to cum,” she belted out loud enough to wake the whole town up. Her body shook and writhed beneath his mouth for what seemed like hours. She felt so complete.

He went up to her mouth and placed a kiss on her dry lips. She had lost all moisture with the heavy panting he had caused. They kissed forever, her way of thanking him for her relief.

Emma then pushed Nelson flat on his back.” My turn,” she said as she licked her lips, letting him know of her plans. She lowered her head down to his aching cock. She took her tongue and licked the head of his throbbing shaft and smiled. “MMMM, you taste like heaven yourself,” she said with a devilish grin, right before she took him inside her mouth. She slowly slid inch by inch of his hard cock inside her mouth, taking him as deep as he would go. She needed to taste him and lick him just as badly as he did her.

Emma slid his cock in and out twirling her tongue around every inch, taking in every curve and ridge. She moved her mouth to suck on his balls. Taking each one too them inside and sucking them. Then she worked her tongue back up to the shaft, flicking her tongue along the way. She took him in again, but not slowly this time. She bobbed up and down on him with fury. She felt him slide his hand back down between her thighs to that naughty place.

“Emma you are getting all wet again, my love,” he said as he slid a finger inside her drenched pussy. She loved the way he touched her. She sucked his cock like a person trying to drain the venom from a rattlesnake bite and he fingered her pussy. She began to feel his cock twitching as she felt another orgasm building for herself.

“I want to feel you swallow all of me Emma; take my cock deep inside your mouth,” Nelson said.” I need to cum in your mouth and watch you taste me.”

She obliged him. She wanted it as badly as he did. She took him deep inside her feeling the shakes growing stronger until he couldn’t hold back anymore, spilling all of his hot desire in her mouth. She took in every last drop. She even licked him clean when it was all over.

Nelson immediately flipped her on her back on the bed. She didn’t expect what was happening. He covered her breasts with his mouth again. Sucking her nipples like a man that hadn’t eaten in months. He spread apart her legs and in the same motion slide his throbbing manhood inside her.

“Ohhhhhh.” was all he could manage to mutter out as he just lay inside her for a moment not moving at all. “I feel like I am finally home again,” he followed.

Emma lifted her hips to invite his cock deeper inside her. She needed him to fuck her now. She didn’t have the ability to wait anymore as she grinded her pelvis against him. He knew that signal. He began thrusting his cock in her, slowly at first. Sliding in all the way in and then out again. He was making her feel like she was going to die from sheer ecstasy.

“Nelson don’t torture me like this baby. I have waited for months for you. Make me feel whole again.” she begged of him. She knew it was taking all his will to not fuck her like there was no tomorrow. He had even said that in their conversations. He needed her just like she needed him.

With that being said Nelson rolled Emma on her side, never losing the connection between his cock and her wet pussy. She moaned for him. He slid deep inside her filling all of her with just one thrust. He started pounding her pussy harder and harder. He was so deep inside her. She rocked her hips to meet every thrust with such force. She needed to be dominated by him, ruled by him. She was his forever and there was no turning back.

Their bodies rocked together almost like the chorus of a song, building to the great crescendo that was about to happen. They were like 2 molded into the one they were together. They did complete each other. Emma and Nelson kissed and explored all of each other feeling every inch of the heat between them.

“Emma your skin is like velvet. I long to touch it when I am not around. You are an amazing woman, baby. Are you ready to explode my love, because I am,” he said with an assured tone. With that he grabbed tightly onto her ass, pulling her as close as two people can be. He filled her pussy with his release triggering what was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, not mentioning all of the little ones during moments earlier that he had triggered along the way.

After it was all over they just laid there just holding each other, kissing, caressing, he still wedged deep inside her, not wanting to leave. Emma and Nelson drifted off to sleep like that. Not wanting to let go to the feeling they had experienced that night, or what was to come in the future. All they knew was it was going to be wonderful and fulfilling.


The waters on the lake were a brilliant deep blue with just a slight ripple over the surface and black at the portions of the shore shaded by the big green pine and fir trees. Overhead and connected to the lake and forest was the azure sky with just a few white cirrus clouds scattered about. It was calm except for an occasional breeze that stirred the ripple on the lake.

The silence was broken only by the sounds of the breeze in the trees and far off birdcalls. Occasionally, a branch breaking could be heard. The only evidence of humans ever having been there was the small campsite where David Swenson’s campfire burned brightly in preparation for preparing his dinner. The two flattened logs, adjacent to the fire, made for a solid work table and his small bivy shelter with a bed of pine boughs close by completed his camp.

It was a good camp, comfortable and efficient and David who had been coming here for several years considered it well worth the two days of canoeing required to get there. Now, he had ten days of fishing, hiking, swimming, and communing with nature to look forward to and he didn’t anticipate seeing another human being for the duration of his stay.

As he sat later, enjoying his dinner, he thought about his life and what a shambles it had become. He thought about his ex-wife and about the intimacies they’d enjoyed at first. Six years ago he had craved the touch of his new wife’s flesh and he never lost the feeling. They had been young, inexperienced and right out of college, when they’d married and they learned about life together. Renee, his ex-wife, had been beautiful, loving, sensitive and wonderful when they married. Over the years, that seemed to change.

Later, in his sleeping bag, David’s mind returned yet again to thoughts of Renee He’d first detected problems between them; vague problems that she wouldn’t t acknowledge or discuss. Of course David was concerned and he began to bring her flowers and candy as well as plan romantic times together. None of his actions seemed to remedy the situation and after six weeks of this had past; she finally confronted him.

“David, I’m leaving you. I can’t live like this. I’m going to Los Angeles with Lena.” She said calmly as she met him at the door when he’d returned from work.

“Why? Haven’t I been a good husband? I love you,” he said pleadingly.

“It’s not you. I have to go.”


“I don’t want to discuss it. I’m leaving now.”

The next morning the process server had handed David the divorce papers and the following day the discussion of the family estate arose. Later, the family’s fortunes went to Renee; her lawyers had seemed more competent. With those thoughts he drifted off to sleep. He hadn’t seen Renee again as she wasn’t present at the divorce hearings.

The next morning, David awoke leisurely shortly after sunup. After he arose, he went to the lake to do his morning ablutions. Then, he scooped up water from the lake for coffee and proceeded to make breakfast. It wasn’t until he was eating his breakfast that he realized he was still clad only in his boxer shorts. He smiled as he decided to just stay that way for a while; until the mosquitos became a pest. After all, there was no one there to notice. With each minute at his wilderness site he felt his body relax and his tensions left him. Life at the wilderness site became a comfortable routine.

It was the third day that he was paddling his canoe down the shore to a favorite fishing spot that he spotted it; a canoe, overturned and drifting along some distance from shore. It wasn’t quite right; someone had either drowned or was stranded. He moved to the overturned canoe and righted it to find the waterproof bags of supplies still lashed to the gunnels. Someone was certainly in trouble. He took the small boat in tow and drug it back to his campsite where he beached it and removed the camping supplies. Finally, he hauled the new canoe further up on the beach, inverted it and placed it over a log to store safely.

With the bags of camping supplies hung safely in trees, away from the bears, he went back, in his canoe, to search the area for evidence of people or bodies. He’d found no evidence of any human when darkness approached. Back at his camp, he was concerned that someone could be in serious trouble and he was the only source of help for many miles. He ate his dinner with little relish as he thought of the poor soul or souls lost in the wilderness.

It was just as he was preparing to retire for the night that he heard it, a voice calling for help. He listened carefully and determined that it was coming from the shoreline, perhaps a half mile from his camp. In response, he went immediately in the direction of the call, carrying his lantern and a small first aid packet. As he approached the area where he thought he’d heard the call, he heard a woman’s voice call out weakly, “Over here!”

He raced to the water’s edge and saw her with a shock that rocked him to his core. It was his ex-wife, Renee, lying in the water to avoid the mosquitos. She was weak, too weak to walk. “What the hell was she doing there?” he wondered as he prepared to return her to his camp.

It was nearly two hours later when David had carried her, his lantern and first aid kit back to his camp. There, after setting food to cook, he opened her waterproof bags and retrieved her sleeping gear before making her a bed. Then, he fed her a spoonful at a time. Soon, she slept.

The next morning, David slept well past sunup which was much past his usual arising time. Perhaps it was the lateness of his retirement the previous evening that caused it but with arising, he smelled wood smoke. A look indicated that Renee was up and had rekindled the fire. Then, having completed his morning cleanup he returned to the camp to get the water vessel for coffee and found the coffee already brewed. In addition, there were biscuits and eggs, and bacon ready to eat.

Renee who had been found barely conscious the previous evening, lay exhausted on her sleeping bag. David went to her.

“What the hell are you doing out here? You’re supposed to be in Los Angeles.” He demanded.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake.” Renee said, “I knew you were coming out here and I came looking for you.”

“Well, you’ve found me. What the hell happened?”

“I wanted to talk to you and I got a canoe and I knew about where your camp is so I made the two portages fine and got to this lake; then, I started searching the shoreline. It was difficult and I pulled in to spend the night, intending to continue the search in the morning. Then, my canoe drifted away. I tried to swim out and retrieve it but couldn’t reach it. I was cold, the mosquitos were vicious. Yesterday, I thought I was doomed, but then I saw the light of your fire and started toward it, but I was weak, needed food and so very tired…” Her story trailed off as she faded off into either a deep sleep or unconsciousness.

David’s concern for her was that for any half-dead person found in the wilderness and he determined not to be influenced by his ex-wife who had left him. He left her alone; if she were unconscious, there was nothing he could do; if she were just fatigued, the sleep would help her. He ate his breakfast. Then, for the rest of the day, he looked over her as he would any sick patient.

Late in the afternoon, she stirred and David assisted her off to the woods to relieve herself. They returned shortly and came to the fire where David prepared dinner. As she got seated by the fire, she said, “David, I love you. You’re a good man and I’ve made a terrible mistake. I want you back and I came out here to ask you to take me back.”

“We can talk about this more later, I suggest you just focus on feeling better and give me sometime to take all of this in.” David said cooly.

Then, with the situation temporarily under control, he began to think about Renee’s earlier words. They were either welcome words or words to be ignored and he despised her for saying them. She had left him, divorced him and had taken most of the family estate with her. She had trampled on his feelings and left him for something better. Now she was back. On the other hand, she was once the only woman for him and he remembered their intimacy and the good times. Could it be that way again he wondered?

Later that night, after much consideration, he had reached a decision. If he took her back and she left again, he wasn’t sure if he could take the effects on his mind and body. He must not renew the old relationship and he fell asleep.

At sunup, he stirred the fire, made tea and porridge and prepared for the day as Renee continued to sleep. Every few minutes he looked in on the sleeping woman and found her breathing steadily and fast asleep. At noon, he took his fly rod down to the lake and made a few nice casts with the Mayfly fly on the end of the line. In an hour, he had five nice sized trout ready for cleaning and supper.

Still Renee slept and shortly after four o’clock, she appeared from her tent and walked, rather steadily towards the woods to relieve herself. Then, on her return, she lay down on David’s poncho and seemed to be doing better physically and he could not help but find her attractive even stripped of make-up and not at her best.

Deep down he knew that he still wanted her but his wounds made it impossible for him to trust her.

“Why now?” David finally asked.

“I went to LA because I felt like I had settled down to early, I wanted to find myself and see what possibilities where out there for me; but with every new person I met I could not stop thinking of you and comparing them to you. I realized that you are the love of my life and that no one would ever be able to compete with how you make me feel.”

“So you just wanted to go out and screw around with other men to figure things out?” David quipped.

“No, I never even slept with anyone else, I just dated people and nothing was ever right, nothing ever felt right the way it felt with you.” Renee began to cry and hunched over.

David felt himself relieved that she had not been with another many and knew she was being sincere as Renee was never one to put on a show with her emotions.

He moved closer to her and put his arms around her. Before he realized what he was doing their clothes were off and his hands roved over her bare flesh feeling the heat of her body. He was scared but he did not care at this moment enough to stop. He wanted her and nothing could interfere with the strong desire he felt for her now.

As their lips parted, David moved downward and began the pleasant task of suckling her beautiful breasts which brought out her finest response. As his lips connected with her familiar nipples, David had lost himself in the moment and the long missing pleasures that he’d once enjoyed. He acted in response to his bodily needs and desires. Soon, he was totally involved in making wild passionate love to his ex-wife. Nothing else mattered.

As David slowly re-familiarized himself with the features of Renee’s beautiful body, he grew relaxed and happy. It was like coming home from a long, unpleasant journey. He dared not recall the past or envision the future, his life was now. When his hands moved to her groin, he felt her wonderful, wet pussy. As his hand toyed with her vaginal lips, his fingers tweaked her clit she moaned and begged him to fuck her. His cock nestled against her pussy and then slipped easily inside of her well lubricated vagina and the sensations were those he recalled from long ago and there was nothing to compare.

Their eyes met in a blaze of passion, as David felt his cock fully impaled with the crown resting against her cervix. He stopped his movements to allow their bodies to adjust to each other as he’d done with her many times in the past. It was a joyous occasion as they moved together excited and happy. Renee was the one to commence the thrusting as she utilized every bit of her strength to encourage David. Again, the pleasure was as intense as it had been years ago when they’d fucked.

As the thrusting continued, Renee returned each of David’s thrusts with her own counter thrust. The sensations were intense and David found his hands sliding up and down her soft breasts with erect nipples begging to be sucked. He curved his body enough as he thrust inside her to put his mouth onto her rosebud nipple and suck it until she was panting and squealing with delight.

Her hands found his firm ass and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him in closer as he felt his piriformis muscles clench as he thrust. Their bodies drove each other to new heights of passion. They began fucking hard and fast until Renee sang out that she was gonna cum. As she did and the waves of orgasmic pleasure enveloped her, the wet walls of her pussy gripped along his rigid shaft with intensity. Feeling her contracting so hard against him, the sensations triggered David’s release and they reached their peak together. Afterwards, they enjoyed the afterglow that follows good sex together.

The days past and with every moment their relationship became stronger than it ever had. Renee talked about her dreams now in wanting to be a good wife to him and David reveled in the attention he thought he has forever lost. It was on the trip back to civilization that David decided to remarry Renee as she seemed to have been truly sorry for what she’d done and wanted to resume their marriage. He was happy and the lake became the site of their small 2nd wedding ceremony and that of every anniversary thereafter.

They recently celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary at the lake.


Lily was a beautiful young woman and carried herself gracefully. Her clothing was tasteful and yet quite sensual as it accentuated her supple breasts and rounded hips.

There were certainly many guys in high school that pursued her and it was no secret that she was considered by many to be one of the more attractive girls in school. She was a good student, loved acting in the theatre and had a rather goofy sense of humor with no problem acting the fool to get a laugh. Lily appeared confident to many, but underneath she struggled with self-esteem and always struggled with compliments. Because of this Lily was always humble and modest, never showing too much skin or flirtation. She had been brought up to be careful about sexual expression and longed to be valued for those things that gave her substance not frivolous attributes.

Her first kiss was but a mere peck at the tender age of fourteen. When she did begin to date at sixteen the guys had always been a friend first and then a slow, respectful courtship before any foreplay was the norm. When Lily was in her Junior year, she began dating a nice guy named James who was about a year and a half older and who had worked hard for several months to get Lily to pay attention to him. She was not easily taken in my smooth lines or perfunctory interests and he had his work cut out for him building a rapport with her before she agreed to date him.

They had met in the school cafeteria and she had caught his eye immediately with her long flowing, light, blonde hair and bright red lipstick. He quickly had found a way to strike up a conversation with her and introduced himself. As she blushed from his overt attention, he asked for her number in the smoothest way he could muster but she politely declined as she was not quick to make herself vulnerable to such pursuits. Eventually, he won her over and she gave it to him.

James was smitten and found out everything he could about Lily so that he would often be around when her play rehearsal was over or she was at a party. After several meetings and a great deal of effort on his part to woo her, she finally agreed to go on a date with him. James acted the part of a perfect gentleman and Lily appreciated how sweet he was to her as he did small things to let her know he respected her; such as opening the car door for her and offering his coat when she was cold.

Lily was careful about sexuality but she was no prude as she loved thinking about it and she had become quite skilled at giving oral sex to James. She loved the taste of his cock in her mouth and the feel of when he would cum hard into the back of her throat. She loved the feel of James’ tongue on her clit and the waves of pleasure she felt as she had orgasms.

One of her favorite things to do was to use her shower head at home and masturbate. She had a large bathroom with a beautiful bathtub with a stall shower enclosed in glass. She would lie on her back with her legs against the glass and place the pulsing shower head with water so that it would massage her clit until she would cum so hard that it was difficult not to squeal with delight and tip off her parents as to why she loved such long showers. She had started this at the age of fourteen and had become quite skilled at climaxing so much so that she could do it within 60 seconds or less and do it multiple times. Before she met James she often pleasured herself thinking about a guy she had a crush on named James, whom she never spoke to, but spent many nights cumming just thinking about.

After several months of more serious dating with James, Lily decided that she was in love with him and knew he loved her enough to offer her virginity to him. She did so after a great deal of careful consideration and preparation. They spent the afternoon at the Washington Monument having a picnic on a most beautiful day. They returned in the evening to James’ house where he lit candles and played sensual music. He was gentle and patient with her and when the moment was right they made love.

Lily lay in his arms afterward and told him how amazing it was for her and that while it hurt a little that it was a good kind of pain and that she was glad that she had given herself to him. James who had been with a couple other girls before her, was completely in love with Lily and told her that while he had sex before, that he had never experienced something as intimate and passionate as this. The two lovers lay there sharing themselves and feeling that the future was theirs, James told her that he wanted to marry her in the future.

James continued to woo Lily through his affections and she always matched him in effort. The two of them were closer than they had ever been to anyone and they never argued or were disrespectful toward one another. It was a relationship that both had always wanted and they never dreamed would end badly.

That very night she had a dream that James and she had gone to a local park where teenage lovers often go. Her unconscious mind found a way to be with James and feel much like the poster of Marilyn Monroe made her feel. She could feel his moist, wanting lips against hers and then his warm tongue slip in-between her cherry colored lipstick and into her longing mouth. Their tongues slowly fucking one another deeper and deeper until the desire consumed them both. She could feel his warm, strong hands on her soft, milky breasts pulling back her blouse and lacy white bra exposing her erect pink nipples that became more firm with his touch. His lips and tongue slid down her neck and her breath became fast and heavy as her pussy flowed with wet cum and she longed for his body to merge with her own.

Her dream offered her sexual bliss as she reached down with her hand and felt the smooth, firm skin of his engorged shaft throbbing as it pumped blood through him creating a sexual tool of delight for her. Her soft moans beckoned him for more and she felt his fingers slide down her soft abdomen and into her white lace panties. His fingers caressed her soft, trimmed, blonde pubic hair and found their way in-between her slickened, pink, pussy lips. As his fingers slid up and down her inner labia her wetness covered his hand and he knew how badly she wanted him. She spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist pulling him closer as she pulled open his button fly jeans. James moved his pants and boxers down his legs as she removed her lace panties. In just a moment they were embracing again, pressed against one another with their warm, nude bodies moving passionately against one another.

As she felt his hard cock begin to penetrate her longing pussy, she gasped and felt herself completely losing herself to her desire for him. As he slowly thrust himself into her tight, wet cunt she moaned with delight and immediately began to climax from the sheer buildup of passion she had felt for him for so long. Her pussy began to strongly contract against his throbbing cock and as it did she awoke out of breath with her panties filled with cum.

Lily had awoken that Saturday morning with a lovely orgasm and she realized that she wanted James much more than she had ever realized. She lay there thinking about the delicious dream for a half an hour before she allowed herself to bring herself back to reality. Later that afternoon she made her way over to James’ house to hang out as he had just gotten back from the gym and was going to take a shower before they were going to make their way to a party that night. Lily was wearing a new teal dress that hugged her curves and she had her long blond hair up on the sides with loose curls that came down to her lower back. She had felt rather sensual after her dream that morning and her appearance reflected it. As she made her way to ring the doorbell, she realized she was in love. Her future was straight ahead.


It had been a long day already and it was only 3 pm. I knew it would be last night but that was of little comfort now. Up at 5:00 and off to the airport by 5:30 for a 7:00 am flight and another meaningless board meeting for work. No time for coffee before I left the house so I was stuck with crappy concourse coffee. Lunch was the typical hotel fare, chicken, rice, and overdone vegetables that all tasted the same. I desperately wished I was home or anywhere but here.


This meeting was just like all the others; long and unproductive. The disinterested, largely incompetent members never made time to discuss critical topics, or work on the strategic plan that would allow the organization to reach its potential for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. It was frustrating and I was stuck keeping the minutes.

Two more hours of blah, blah, blah, without anything of substance discussed and mercifilly it was break time. Everyone but me left the room as I sat numb from the manusha alone with my thoughts.


My mind drifted slowly to a place as far from here as possible as I wondered what my husband might be doing while I was stuck here. Presumably his day was filled with the usual Saturday chores. Since we both worked, we didn’t have time during the week for things like laundry, bills, cleaning, household repairs and of course the lawn. Experience had taught me how “anal” he was about his chores and the “honey do’s”.

I began to fantasize that he might be planning to “honey do” me when I got home from this shitty meeting. I envisioned him meeting me at the airport and suggesting dinner out where he would make small talk about my flight and the meeting allowing me to vent my frustrations, while he was thinking of nothing but his beautifully conceived sexual scheme.

My mind plummeted deeper into my fantasy as I heard him suggest that I take a bubble bath when we got home to help me relax and sooth away the tension that filled my body. I agreed and as I stripped, he drew my bath before he made his way to the kitchen to make me a cocktail to enjoy while I bathed. The warmth of the water and the alcohol soothed and relaxed me driving the miserable day completely from my mind. The water was cooling and my cocktail was empty so I rose and stepped out of the tub wrapping a towel around me before I exited the bathroom in search of him.

He was standing just outside the door as I slid it open directing me to our bed clad only in the purple thong I had given him for Christmas. His manhood was huge as it protruded and stretched the shiny silk material. The bedroom was beautiful. Candles were lit, the flames from the fireplace giving the room a warm orange hue. As I lay across the bed, he positioned a massage pillow under my forehead before he smothered by neck and shoulders with soft languid kisses causing the hair on my neck to raise and a warmth to shoot up my belly from my pussy. All too soon, his hands moved from my neck and shoulders to my legs and feet using the massage whip, I purchased last week when I had my routine monthly Brazilian.

My legs and feet were weak from his touch and I was unable to offer any resistance when he lifted my legs and spread them wide. I felt a small vibrator being insterted between my legs and against my clitoris. Excitement was building rapidly and my pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. He pushed my legs together, which held the vibrator in place, before he continued to massage my butt, back, shoulders, neck and arms soothing every muscle he touched.

I felt the warmth of his breath in my ear as he whispered for me to roll over so he could complete the massage. Reluctantly I complied and as I turned the vibrator fell from between my legs. He was standing at my head and he bent over his mouth finding mine engaging us in a deep and passionate kiss. My wetness was growing in proportion to his touch. Suddenly the room went black as he placed a blindfold gently over my eyes. A twinge shot through my body but my nervousness subsided moments later as his lips once again brushed mine and his tongue darted in my mouth and ran along my lower lip. I responded by sucking on his tongue and holding it tightly. I released as he nibbled and sucked on my lower lip pulling it slightly. I reached behind his neck and pulled him tighter encouraging this erotic tongue foreplay. He withdrew and kissed my mouth, cheek and eyes before he continued to my ears neck and finally to my breasts. My nipples rose to hardened buds under his lips as I enjoyed his sucking that alternated between gentle and hard. I heard a moan escape from my mouth, my hips gyrated and my pussy ached for his touch. I desperately wanted him to continue kissing my entire body but instead I felt the vibrator being repositioned between my legs and his big hands massaging my legs, thighs, stomach, breasts, and arms. I was simultaneously relaxed and spinning out of control.

Suddenly, I felt his warm lips on my nipples again and his scent filled my nostrils as I imagined him leaning over me once again. I could smell the sweet aroma of his genitals as I felt his lips on my feet and toes before they moved up the inside of my legs and along the outside of my thighs. Oh how I wanted him to lick my sodden pussy.

Then it stopped. Really! How could he do that? I wanted more and I told him so. I heard no answer or comment instead I felt something being wrapped around my ankles and the sound of Velcro being opened. Somewhat panicked I screamed but was quieted by a finger across my lips before I felt him wrap restraints around my wrists.

I was immobile and he was in total control. Nervousness took control and my inhibitions flared but I was powerless to stop him and subconsciously I didn’t want him to stop. I took a deep breath in an attempt to relax just before my mouth was met with another deep and passionate kiss while his hands stroked my breasts and rubbed my nipples.

Then I felt the vibrator’s intensity increase causing me to lose any inhibitions that remained. As good as it felt I wanted desperately for him to lick and suck my swollen, stimulated pussy but my breathing was so hard and fast I was unable to ask at that moment. It was if he read my mind, I felt the vibrator slide from between my legs just before I felt his tongue licking my outer lips and playing with my clitoris. I felt his love for me now more than ever as I trusted his actions and technique. He knew I loved cunnilingus and how special and satisfied it made me feel. He always said his greatest joy was to make me wild with excitement and he was succeeding.

I could feel my nectar running down to my anus and beyond. My thighs were slick with wetness. I was on the verge of a crescendo of orgasm when he withdrew his head and inserted the vibrator again. The head was nestled on my G spot and the ears on my clitoris as he rotated it, varying the speed and pressure as I twisted and turned as much as the restraints would allow in order to speed my blast into orbit. Sensing my need to move he released the straps from my ankles and wrists. I pulled off the blindfold . Now that my hands were free I could help with the vibrator. I placed my hand on his guiding his direction as his eyes studied my movements closely. He wanted to learn and despite my shyness about telling him what I wanted I could show him. My body tingled and tightened as the ecstasy of climax exploded within me. I screamed and panted as I writhed uncontrollably in the bed. It was too much, I had lost all control of my body but I wanted him to continue, despite my screams to the contrary. Thankfully he was merciless, he continued to fill me with pleasure until I could take it no more and pushed his hand and the vibrator from my pussy. I lay there spent, unable to move as I felt the warmth of his kiss again on my aroused pussy.

This time however, his kisses were brief like the way a lover kisses at the end of a date. He was gone from my ravenous pussy. He moved up my torso and I felt his sweet lips and his tongue once again in my mouth. It was a long and wonderful kiss enhanced by the scent and taste of my pussy nectar. After his erotic kiss he rolled onto his side and lay quietly next to me a look of satisfaction on his face as I reveled in the bliss of the moment and his love that surrounded me.

His smug smile of satisfaction somehow energized me. I couldn’t let him think he was the only one capable of giving such pleasure. I sat up, pushed him off his side and onto his back, and stroked his throbbing penis through his bikinis. It was so strong I could feel his pulse. As I kissed him through the thong, I was struck with inspiration. I jumped off the bed and pulled the thong off his throbbing cock, before I moved quickly to bind his hands and feet. Once he was bound, I kissed him deeply and left the room. He called out to me, begging me to come back.

I returned after a wardrobe modification (red 5″ heels and nylons only) mounted the bed and rubbed my breasts all over his body. He was shaking with excitement at the slight. He loved me in heels and loved the feel of my 15-denier nylons too. I slid up his torso, pushing his throbbing penis between my breasts, and stroked it. He yelped with excitement. I continued to fuck his cock with my breasts until it began to pulsate. Again, I stopped, sat up and climbed off the bed. I left the room without a word to his calls for me to stay. I moved to the kitchen where I made myself another drink. When I returned sipping my cocktail, he whispered “are you kidding me.” Without speaking, I placed my finger in my cocktail and rubbed it around the rim of his penis before I licked it off. I did this several times each time moving further down the shaft. He was moaning while whispering how great I was.

Not wanting this to end I stopped. I moved onto the bed were my wet pussy was in full view for him. I drug my fingers across my labia soaking them with my juices and placed my fingers in his mouth. He was delighted. Then in a stroke of genius I decided to give him (and perhaps me too) a treat. I turned around and pushed my pussy right over his face. He couldn’t move his arms to disrupt my rhythm or distract me by rubbing my butt or any other part of my body. I was in total control and although I was teasing him mercilessly I was about to explode myself. I moved my pussy off his face, forward over his torso, and slid my pussy over his stunning, glistening cock. We had never done the reverse cowboy and although I couldn’t see his face I hoped he was as overwhelmed as I was. I rode him hard, building climax rapidly within us both. Simultaneously we came in minutes and I fell forward with exhaustion, and rolled off turned pressed my lips to his, and whispered I love you in his ear as we basked in the unconditional love of the moment.

Suddenly, from somewhere I couldn’t place I heard a voice calling my name. My eyes came into focus on the face of another board member, Dianne who was loudly asking what I was thinking. This was the first time I heard her voice although she said she had called my name three times. Suddenly, sadly I realized I was back in the meeting room surrounded by other board members again talking of nothing. Damn it! What a wonderful fantasy. I only hoped and prayed my lover was thinking the same thing instead of doing his Saturday chores but for now, it was back to the minutes. I shifted in my chair to a better typing position and noticed my panties were wet.


His Perspective-

We wake up in the morning spooning, you facing away from me, my left arm our you, my left hand in between your hands, which are clasped in front of you, my right arm above my head. You can feel me, my hardness, and I know you are awake.

My left hand takes both your hands and lifts them above your head, causing you to roll onto your back, and my right hand holds your hands above your head and now slowly moves down touching your hair, across your cheek and traces across your lips, onto your chin and down over your neck, you squirm as it tickles however my hand restrains your hands and arms above your head on the pillow. I touch the straps of you silk Chemise then trace down the sides under your arm pits and across your ribcage. Slowly I run my fingers with the most gentle of touches up between your breasts and down the other side, continuing in a figure eight around your breasts but not touching them, you moan with delight.

I continue three, four, five times teasing but not getting closer to your breasts, then down across your stomach just clipping the top of your knickers before lifting and moving my hand onto your left leg up the front of your thigh then down the front of your right thigh, you have your legs bent in front of you, slightly apart wanting me to touch you, to feel you, I resist, my fingers gently glide up the inside of your left thigh and down the inside of your right thigh stopping tantalizingly close to your knickers. Then back up to your stomach and towards your breast, pushing the silk fabric up your chest but still not touching your breasts, your squirm again, you want me to feel the firmness of your nipples, I know they are hard and want to be touched but I resist as my right hand restrains your arms, you moan again.

I trace a figure eight again this time feeling the smooth flesh of your breasts through the silk chemise, the material moving on your nipples, but my fingers gently staying away from them, slow figure eights around your breasts, two, three, four times. My fingers gently dance across your stomach, again flicking the top of your knickers, this time tracing gently across the top of them teasing that they will go inside but not daring to.

Again up and down your thighs ever so gently, this time getting closer again to your groin, flicking the side of your knickers at the top of your thighs, before brushing gently, accidently over your knickers and back to your stomach. You chemise has worked its way up to your breast, and I drag it back and forth so you feel the smooth silk material glide across your nipples, they are dying to be touched, played with, nibbled, sucked but I make you wait, I circle again figures eights, this time closer again to your hardness, my fingers not touching but my movements causing the silk materials to brush backwards and forwards.

Your eyes are shut and I look at you a smile a smirk in your face, the look of anticipation, delight, my fingers circle again, you are biting your lip to try to control your delight, but you can’t hide it, the sounds you are making are music to my ears, sounds that tell me I am touching you just right.

Then my fingers glide down again pulling the silk across your nipples, this is almost more than you can take, you just want to fuck, but no, I’m not here for that, not yet anyway. Again tracing the line of your panties across the base of your stomach, just under the edge of the material I can feel your smoothness, your cleanliness won’t go unrewarded, then tracing your panties around each leg close enough to have you raise your hips to try and get my finger close to your pussy, but I pull away, and glide slowly across the outside of your knickers, I can feel the warmth, and the slight dampness that is there, it won’t be long.

Slowly, gently back across your stomach directly towards your left nipple then just before I get there around and across back into figures eights this time tighter again, I can almost feel your firm nipples through the silk materials, you try to move to make me touch them but I keep avoiding them, the smooth material dragging across and back, teasing torturing you and you beg please touch me! My fingers glide down, my thumb hooks under your panties and pulls down you raise your hips so I can pull them down slightly, then I reach around in between your legs and hook my thumb and forefinger in the crutch of your panties just glancing your swollen pussy and dragging your panties down your legs, I have to reach down to get them over your feet and in doing so my mouth passes ever so closely to your left nipple, which is just uncovered, you feel my breath on it and push your chest forward, it just misses my lips and brushes against my cheek as I reach down and as I move back up I hold my mouth over it and breath so that you can feel the warmth of my breath on you nipple, again you moan, this time almost demanding me to suck your nipple, but I don’t, again you beg “Please, please, I want you,” I ignore your requests and kiss your cheek as my hand slowly makes it way up your leg, you instinctively open your legs and push your pelvis forward to try and meet my fingers, which glide up the inside of your groin, beside your moist lips, I now trace large circles around your sex, carefully avoiding your clit, then down your groin past your swollen lips and then across between your pussy and your anus, gliding across your perineum and back up your left groin, around again, and again, you are rocking and rolling your pelvis.

I make my way back up your stomach this time surely your nipples will be touched, but around my fingers go, sliding the silk fabric across them again, I will cum without you, you say but I know I am in control of when you will cum so I stop and put my fingers on your lips, hush I say, I want you to never forget this, I slide my middle finger in your mouth, you wrap your tongue around it suck like it was my cock and you can’t get enough of it, your saliva coating my finger, then I add another and another. You are sucking moaning squirming thrusting, I withdraw my fingers and take my wet fingers down to your right nipple rolling it around and around, yes your moan, yes that’s it, yes, I go around and around, my forearm is brushing your left nipple, then I move my fingers across to your left side and meet them with my tongue twisting swirling your nipple, pinching it between my fingers and licking and sucking with my lips, my hand moves to your left nipple, circling twisting, pinching, my tongue flicking your left nipple then my teeth nibbling biting till it almost hurts, but its pleasurable pain on your left nipple, your right one pinched and stretched till it too almost hurts.

“My pussy,” you cry, “touch my pussy,” so my hand moves ever so slowly closer and closer, I glide my fingers over it, then from the bottom up I slide and glide my fingers up and my thumb just touching your moisture, my fingers gliding the outside of your lips, all the way up to your clit, and back down the other side, my thumb and finger changing position. I know if I insert a finger it will get coated in your lusciousness, smooth and warm, but I wait another few up and down, then I slide my middle finger all the way up the middle of your sex up to your clit and begin circling, Oh yeah, oh yeah that’s it, you are crying begging for more, begging to be pushed over the limit. Then I slide back down your sex, the moisture is amazing, warm sticky, I slow push my finger part the way in, then another but only just in enough to get wet, I bring my hand up to your nipple which I am still sucking, I coat your nipple with your juices and proceed to lick it off, mmmm the taste of you is amazing, I resist going down on you, but I want to, perhaps another day, I need to keep your hands restrained today, as hard as you think your trying to break free, you enjoy it and you want to stay that way.

You feel my hand slide down your stomach again, its not going to take much, but this time I feel your lips again, gently massaging, then pinching, pulling them, three four five times, you can feel it building inside you, you’re going to cum very soon, I slide a finger in, deep inside, you moan, then another, oh yeah you’re going to cum, my thumb works your lit around and around, gently at first then faster and faster, my fingers curl up inside you, I stop licking your nipple for a moment and look at your face, you are flushed red, your breathing is intense, you are holding your breath then breathing quickly holding again, biting your lip, making noises I haven’t heard before, then “Oh yes here I cum, Oh Yes,” your pelvis is thrusting like you’re riding a horse upside down, then in one massive moment you…

Her Perspective-

… cum! “Oh I just came, oh god that was heaven! Oh god, you are amazing! It’s like you are inside my head knowing exactly what I would want!”


“You’ve got to put that book down,” Ren playfully scolded me as I tried hard to study for finals, “Otherwise you’ll go blind from staring at it so long!”

She was always the first to choose play over work and I, being her roommate, usually got dragged along with her. Ren was a tall, outgoing blond with a personality nobody could beat. Really, all I ever wanted in a roommate was someone who would clean up and not lock me out.

I’m not a very outgoing person by any means; I’m basically the complete opposite. Standing 5’6″, I’m not anywhere near being classified as tall like she was. Bookish, into Star Trek and D&D, I didn’t exactly take home the Prom King in high school. That isn’t to say that I’m unattractive, quite the opposite. I spent most of my teenage years trying to disguise the fact that I had boobs so that I could be left alone in the library. But her… she would have been busy causing trouble and getting away with it. With those long legs… those well developed-



“Were you even listening to me?” Ren asked with a smile, “You seemed pretty lost in thought…”

“No,” I rebutted, “I’m fine… Just distracted. Finals have me stressed.”

So, yeah, I’m not the most honest person in the world. Perhaps it would have made things a little awkward in the dorm to admit that I’d been thinking of her, so I just played tired. It seemed as if I wouldn’t be getting off that easily.

“Did I tell you Alex was coming over?” she paused to see if I was paying any attention. WHOMP. Brought out of daydreaming again, this time by a pillow smacking me in the face, I took off my reading glasses.

“You mentioned it,” I mused as the glasses case slammed shut, “And that’s fine. Just let me know if you need privacy with him.”

In an effort to avoid her eyes I began looking outside. I noticed that it was incredibly rainy, so I figured the festivities would not be going on out there. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell that wasn’t all she wanted to say. “I thought that maybe if you could pull your nose out of the books for a minute…”, lowering her eyes, she trailed off. “Well, what do you propose I do instead?” I quizzed the girl. Not a lot would be going on in this weather, especially not at this hour. It was only 8 o’clock. Nothing would be geared up for hours.

As she turned to look out the window her long blond hair spun through the air and over her shoulder. Maybe she was just getting stir-crazy, but it was unusual for Ren to act so odd. “I just…” she trailed off, “can’t stand to see you killing yourself with Statistics.”

“You have to be kidding me,” I started back, “why on earth…”

Before I knew it Ren had figured out what she wanted to do that night-and it wasn’t going out. I tried to pull away, half-heartedly, only to be taken back into the hot embrace of my roommate. I’d seen her out with men but never with other girls. She didn’t even have other friends that were girls.

Was this really happening or had I started daydreaming again? Her hands running through my hair and the scent of her vanilla sugar lotion told me I might not be hallucinating. The rough tug to the back of my head told me I was certainly not dreaming.

The kiss melted into an even more fervent embrace as she straddled my lap. Taking control, she pushed my shoulders back until I was pinned to the bed. Books went flying and my notes scattered. Vaguely, I realized that she’d thrown my binder so hard that the rings popped open. I could put the pages back in. It isn’t like studying now would help. Perhaps this was what I needed more than an extra thirty minutes of formulas.

Not quite knowing what was happening, my hands were unbuttoning her cardigan. The fabric was silky against my fingertips as I ran them along, pushing buttons through as quickly as possible. Hanging above my face were those perfectly shaped breasts, ripe melons for my picking. Letting loose a guttural laugh, Ren stopped my hands and pinned them down above my head. That smile, devious and sensual, taunted me. Her long hair in loose curls, tousled from the last bit of activity teased my face. Light and fragrant I couldn’t help but get drawn into every moment of what was happening. I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop it.

“I suppose that is better than studying,” she coyly questioned me, “isn’t it?” Why she had to ask was beyond me. Every inch of my body was pulsating. Now she was just being cruel. Slowly, she bent down to take the zipper of my hoodie in her teeth. Even more slowly, I heard the sound of it coming undone. Eyes closed, breath bated, I could not take it anymore.

I know she could feel my hips swaying. I know she could hear the heart in my chest about to explode. The look in her eye told me this wasn’t the first time she’d thought of it. She was going to draw this out, even if I died of excitement in the process. I could fill my clitoris swelling. It was coursing, ready and screaming to be touched. Agony would have been welcome compared to what frustration I was feeling. Her breath hot against my now bare skin was not helping. Letting out moans was about all that I was capable of just then, and she knew it.

No, I told myself, you are not going to just let your fantasy take you-you take her first. Ren gasped as I flipped her over and mounted her. I had already gotten most of her buttons undone in my last attempt, so I made quick work of the last few. Before she knew it her breasts were bare and my right hand was cupping one of them. I ran my tongue lightly down between her breasts and down her abdomen, watching her squirm, stopping short of her pants button. Now she would be the one screaming for more.

As she sighed I took her left nipple into my eager mouth. Twirling the tender flesh with my tongue, I applied pressure with teeth and sucked alternately. I’d make Ren sing if it were the last thing I’d do.

Suddenly, the door to our room swung open. “Who forgot to lock the door?” I asked without even looking to see who it was. “Alex…” Ren panted, “Remember, he was supposed to come later?” Just in case, I slowly turned my head. It was Alex. 6’4″, slim with unkempt short curly brown hair. Blue eyes as cool as ice and silky voice to match. It was definitely him. “Did I miss something,” Alex asked as he shut the door and turned the lock. “I thought that we were supposed to be hanging out…” The hurt was almost adorable. Almost worth making it up to him. I looked down at Ren and smiled.

“Was this your idea or his?” I taunted, “Because you know what they do to bad girls.” As I stood up, I turned her over onto her stomach. “This,” I said as I playfully spanked her perfectly molded ass, “Is what happens to bad girls!”

The sound of Alex’s cock hardening in his jeans could almost be heard as I smacked Ren’s round bottom. “Amy,” he began slowly, “Ren told me to come over… I was going to see if you wanted to get dinner. It seems like you’ve got a full plate.” Ren laughed even harder as I let her wriggle out of my grasp. “You could always join in,” she mused as I smiled, “There’s always room for more.” His jaw plummeted to the floor as if he’d just walked into his own wet dream.

Springing up, Ren led the charge to Alex. Of course she got there first, all but ripping his jeans off of his toned body. She immediately began to put his hard member in her mouth, but he stopped her. Smiling, she got one fiercely well-aimed lick in against the head of his cock and you could time a musical piece with his rhythm. He pushed me down against the bed and started to suck my bare nipple. Filled with pleasure and heat, I turned tables on him. Pushing him down, I tore into him like he was the last thing I’d ever get ahold of. Given that he was much more muscular than I was, it should have come as no surprise that he overtook me and got on top again.

“Ahem,” Ren coughed, “Did you forget about someone?”

“Never you,” Alex said as he let me up and lay down on the bed, “I think we can make this work.”

He knew he was about the luckiest man on earth. Two women to himself, and he was eating it up. He motioned for me to come closer and whispered that I got to choose. Walking backwards to Ren, I taunted him with my full hips as I moved. Together, we teased him as we took each other’s clothes off. Slowly removing her pants, I heard him on the bed sighing in anticipation. I looked at Ren. I knew she was just about as ready to blow as I was, so I made quick work of our clothes and let her choose.

“I think you know what I want,” she crooned as she got close to his lips, “I want this side…”

“Oh, really,” he laughed, “That’s all right with me. No complaints to be had.”

We both straddled him, taking our places. He grabbed her hips as he put her in his mouth. Feeling her hot juices dripping, he probed her slit with his tongue. Moaning, her hips began moving faster. She wasn’t the only one having fun. I lowered myself down onto his cock and forced him into my hot cunt. I could feel his body shake as I plunged him into my heat, into my wet. Hard and fast I thrust, growing even wilder as I listened to her call out in the moment. She was coming, I could see her body start to move more rapidly as he sucked her clitoris and plunged his finger into her. Unable to take any more, she gasped and I could almost taste her juices as I watched Alex’s face revel in them. Jealous, I was paying more attention to his face when I felt a warm, wet tongue surround one of my nipples. Ren had moved in to finish the job she had started.

Grabbing my hair with one hand and my other breast with the spare, she drove me to orgasm on Alex’s cock. Greedy as I was, I kept thrusting on him until finally he’d been tortured enough.

Hot with passion and crazed by his closeness to orgasm, he rolled me underneath him and held one of my legs up so that there wasn’t so much as a square inch his fat cock couldn’t reach inside me. Instinctively and quite easily, I grabbed his nearest nipple and massaged with my mouth. Soon I felt the hot, wild thrusts as he fucked me to his climax. The feeling of his sticky, wet cum sent me back over the edge and I arched so hard I thought I’d fold back in upon myself. Wave after wave crashed over my body and my nipples hardened beyond anything I’d seen before.

As soon as we’d finished, Ren shoved Alex harshly and he rolled between the wall and me. Satisfied that he was out of the way, she pressed her hot skin against mine and I couldn’t help but start falling asleep from exhaustion next to her. “Maybe next time we’ll get to be alone,” Ren smiled as I drifted off, “Because I wasn’t finished with you yet…”